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As a jewelry artist, it is important for me to have a brand that is representative of me and my work. It needs to be easy to say, easy to remember and have appeal. As such, I’m pleased to announce that going forward all of my jewelry designs will be sold under the brand name Glaze Jewelry. My facebook page is the only exception to the rule.

It was getting hard maintaining all those online storefronts under all those different names.  The smart way…the only way… to kick things off right is by branding with my cool last name (thanks to my ex). That name is Glaze.

Starting immediately all my jewelry will be sold on my primary website and online store fronts where the names are Glaze Jewelry. So shop for Glaze bracelets, Glaze necklaces and Glaze jewelry for men at one of the following locations:

Twitter:  @glazejewelry

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  • Ayana

    I’m glad you found something that helped you. I hope to inspire people to give jewelry making a try.

    Ayana on

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