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More and more men are embracing jewelry these days. Men's bracelets are increasing in popularity. One style of men's bracelet that stands out above the rest is the beaded bracelet. Bracelets featuring gemstones are the go-to accessory for men who desire to add jewelry to their wardrobe.Men's bracelets make great gifts for the trendy male who wants to take his style up a notch. The cost of these bracelets can add up quickly.In my diy jewelry video, I show you how to make a designer quality men's bracelet for yourself or to give to a friend or loved one.[caption id="attachment_281" align="alignnone" width="300"]Learn how to make this men's bracelet in this diy jewelry video Learn how to make this men's bracelet in this diy jewelry video[/caption]In this diy jewelry video, I make the men's bracelet shown above. I made the bracelet using blue tiger's eye gemstone beads, silver endcaps and silver heshi beads. You can certainly use any beads of your choosing to follow this diy jewelry video.

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  • Bruce Myers

    I. truly enjoined your video I’ve been designing jewelry about a year I would love to text you some of my bracelets and necklaces. I would love for you to teach me.

    Bruce Myers on

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